What is the purpose of each of the groups: MasterMind, Live Events, #dobetter Community, and Courses

Social groups within our community

MASTERMIND --> The purpose of this group is to turn learning into action. Group organizers and moderators lead discussions, encourage members to set goals, and share resources relating to the overall topic for each Sub Group. This group type was created to encourage members of the Do Better Collective to take what they learn in our courses and events and put it into practice. Members have the opportunity to ask questions about what they are learning and to receive answers from experts in the content area. 

LIVE EVENTS --> The purpose of this group is to provide an organized area for Influencers and Trail Blazers to access the variety of live events hosted by the Do Better Collective. Members are encouraged to engage in conversation on the discussion threads about each event and to join the events in real time!

#DOBETTER COMMUNITY --> The purpose of this group is to provide a space for community members to engage in their own discussions that adhere to the Do Better Collective community expectations. The Sub Forums in this group are not moderated for learning and are accessible to all membership types. 

COURSES --> The purpose of this group is to provide an area for people who have taken courses from the Do Better Movement to discuss what they learned in those courses and ask questions. Each Sub Group corresponds to a Do Better course and the Feed and Discussions are moderated to answer questions asked by Course attendees. 

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