How should we make use of Feed vs Discussion vs Forums/Sub Forums

Different interaction levels in our community

A FEED is more like your typical social media post. Posts within the feed are not categorized and are unorganized like you would see in a social media group. Important Tips and Examples:

  • You might post a Random question that doesn't fit into the current Discussions or Forum subject areas and wouldn't be substantive enough for creation of a new Forum subject area or Discussion 
  • You might post a New idea for the group
  • You might post Suggestions for Forum Subject areas to create 
  • People can reply to content within the feed but cannot subscribe to the feed

A DISCUSSION can be started within each of the groups as a stand alone discussion or organized within the Sub Forum subject areas. Important Tips and Examples:

  • Try to create discussions within the Sub Forum Subject areas as often as possible
  • If you see a discussion that interests you, you can subscribe to that discussion and receive notifications 
  • Discussions are organized conversation around specific topics
  • Discussions are typically action focused 

SUB FORUM subject areas exist within each group as created by the group organizer and can be found in the "Discussions" tab of the group. The SUB FORUM subject areas are created based around aspects of the topic for the group that the organizer and members may have multiple discussions around. Important Tips and Examples:

  • Review the Sub Forums within each group by clicking on the discussions tab prior to making a post so you can make your post in the most applicable Sub Forum subject area 
  • If you have an idea for a Sub Forum, send it directly to the group organizer or post it in the Feed of the group
  • Group organizers will post action-related discussions in each of the Sub Forums for the group on a consistent basis. 
  • Members are encouraged to start their own discussions and actively engage on discussions started by the organizer or other members 
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